Celebrating 10 years in business

Significo was originally known as JRL Lettering, focussing primarily on sign creation. Ten years later, with significant growth and experience, this once upon a time small sign-making shop in Alexandria, Ontario has emerged into a successful studio that can support every facet of the print, sign and design market, servicing Eastern Ontario, and beyond!

Who we are

Significo is a small yet savvy print, sign, and design studio located in Alexandria, Ontario, offering the services of trained professionals with over 30 years of uniquely combined experience.

Using the latest technology within the industry, we work closely with you to ensure that we provide visual solutions perfectly aligned with the creative visions of your business.

Significo is the print and signage provider of choice for Eastern Ontario and beyond!

Our passion

Our group of skilled professionals thrive on challenge, enjoying the process of creating both on paper and off.  To launch a product, watch it take shape, and then see it come together is what we live and breathe.

Our passion for the industry and its constant evolution keeps our naturally creative and inquisitive professionals inspired, challenged, and growth minded.

We pair our experience with the latest skills and technology within the industry to provide you with a quality end product of both visual impact and branding significance.

Our customers

Significo takes pride in offering consistent quality services and products to a variety of clients, servicing all types of businesses, and experienced at handling projects of all sizes.

Whether you’re a real estate broker looking to boost your profile, a regional insurance company looking to expand, or a vegan snack company looking to set up shop, our expertise and service offerings are available to you, all under one roof.

Significo’s experienced professionals have completed hundreds of projects for clients spanning various markets, including retail, agriculture, governmental, manufacturing, construction, non-profit, and associations.

Our Clients Say it Best

Meet Carl


Carl is Significo’s resident dog and mascot!

He arrived at the shop in August of 2015 at just 12 weeks old, and ever since has remained a continual source of calm and inspiration for both employees and clients alike. He is super friendly and loves meeting new people. If he likes you, don’t be surprised if he jumps up on the counter to greet you!

Please come in to our location to meet the rest of our friendly staff, who will be happy to help you with all of your printing and signage needs.